Real World:
– Today I received a presentation from a client and their script (for teleprompt, so I know they are saying every word in the script). The presentation has 43 slides, with 1 video. The script has 2,854 words. There is 1 video that is 90 seconds long. The agenda shows their talk time on stage is 20 minutes. Does all this work? Can we assume the presenter can accomplish this talk within their time allotment?
– Generally we plan 45 seconds of their time for the walk up music and crowd applause.
– The video is 90 seconds.
– Using a talk time calculator, 2,854 words at a standard rate = 22 minutes.
– 45 second walk up + 22 minutes talk time + 1.5 minute video = 24.25 minutes for the presentation… high probability of not being completed within the 20 minute slot.

So, how did I calculate 2,854 words = 22 minutes?


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Troy @ TLC