Remember back as a kid and the teacher had all the kids sit in a circle, whispered a sentence to the student sitting next them, then that student whispered the sentence to the next kid and the next, next, next. Finally the teacher announced what they had said, and the heard and the last student announced what they heard – which was very different. It was “The Telephone Game”!

For the TLC Creative presentation design we created the PowerPoint version of The Telephone Game. Everyone is designing this quote, starting with this very boring bullet list slide:

We then drew names for a random order. The first designer was able to create any slide design they wanted. The next designer created their own version of the slide BUT had to incorporate at least 1 element from the previous designers version! The results are amazing and show that there is no limit to creativity!

See you Monday when the TLC Creative COVID-19 Design Challenge #2 results are revealed!

Troy @ TLC