PowerPoint automatically creates clickable hyperlinks for any text that begins with “www.” as well as all email addresses. 
turn off text hyperlink 0

For presentations that are presented on screen, a clickable link is not needed (the audience is not receiving the slides) and can be a visual distraction. Like many things in PowerPoint there are multiple ways to make the unwanted color and underline go away. Here are 3 ways to turn off text hyperlink color or remove a hyperlink:

Option 1

  • Highlight the link
    turn off text hyperlink 1
  • On the ribbon, go to INSERT and in the LINKS section, choose HYPERLINK.
  • Tip: CTRL+K on your keyboard is a shortcut to the Edit Hyperlink menu

    turn off text hyperlink 2

  • Click the “Remove Link” button
    turn off text hyperlink 3

Option 2

  • Right click the hyperlink text and on the menu select REMOVE HYPERLINK

turn off text hyperlink 4

Option 3

    • This one is time sensitive. Immediately after the hyperlink text is entered (hyperlink text that automatically is configured as a hyperlink either starts with www. or has the email address formula with an @ symbol), the text changes to a hyperlink and there is an ‘AutoCorrect Options’ button.
      turn off text hyperlink 5
    • Click the button, and select UNDO HYPERLINK
      turn off text hyperlink 6

There, 3 solutions to removing unwanted hyperlink coding in PowerPoint (also works in Word and Excel)!

Troy @ TLC