Sometimes projects and life just get a bit out of hand. Well I spent the past month developing graphics for a large meeting and the past week on showsite. The great news is the show was awesome. The better news is that after 4 days of non-sleep I am back, sleeping long hours and able to work on this month’s posts!

Here are a few pictures from the show:

Top: my work area. Fairly simple show from a graphics perspective, single wide screen High Def (1900×1080) presentation. So two show computers (primary and backup), work computer, network, some peripheral equipment and the all-important script book with every presentation cue.

Middle: stage. It was a really, really big widescreen presentation at 60 feet wide x 40 feet tall (that is a real car on stage for perspective).

Bottom: show had a crew over 100 people and communication is critical. These are just the wireless ‘com’ units (most shows has lots of wired headsets and maybe 3-4-10 wireless, this show had 30+ wireless)