So sometimes the greatest feature is only great if you know it exists. Recently I showed a very talented designer the Selection Pane in PPT 2007 and she could not believe she did not know of it. So you are in the know, here is what the Selection Pane is and how to open it.

1. Here is my sample slide. Note there are 6 elements (visible) on the slide

2. From the HOME tab, choose the SELECT all the way down on the right

3. In the SELECT drop down choose SELECTION PANE

4. The incredible SELECTION AND VISIBILITY pane will open (next to the animation pane)

This powerful tool will let you turn on or off layers (like photoshop) and let you select a buried element! On this sample note that there are (2) visible items, which are seen in the above sample. But there are also (3) not visible items on this slide.

– Troy @ TLC