Sometimes, the real power of an add-in is when it is used in combination with a PowerPoint tool. That is exactly what happens here as TLC designer Sara shows in this example of everyday PowerPoint formatting made much easier with Zebra on Wheels, which we also covered in the previous post here.


PowerPoint’s built-in format tool, the Eyedropper, can pick up font styling, line spacing, etc. and apply it to another set of text. This is a quick and easy way to achieve consistency throughout your presentations. Below is a quick example of what you can do with this great tool.



However, with your free download of the Zebra on Wheels add-in, you can copy location and size of the text box, that you cannot with the eye dropper tool.



Using the Eyedropper tool, the reference text box has been formatted to match what will be the master formatting used throughout the deck.


Using Zebra on Wheels’ location and size tool, the reference text box is now in the same exact position and size as the master. This is important for line wraps, when the citation/references are long.

Alone, both of these tools are great, but together, they make it possible to go through an entire 80 slide deck in less than 5 minutes and have every reference text box formatted identically throughout.

Zebra on Wheels add-in can be found at their website here.

-Sara @ TLC