Combining the Morph transition with 3D models is easy, and can create amazing visuals and motion animation!
Insert a 3D model on a slide. Position and rotate. Then duplicate the 3D model to the next slide, adjust position, size and rotation with a morph transition. Watch the results!

Make it a slow and long animation with a slow morph transition!

Or very fast with a faster morph transition

We can use the Pan and Zoom as part of our morph animation!

TIP: 3D models can have any standard animation applied (motion paths, grow/shrink, fade in/out, etc.). IF it has an emphasis animation, the morph transition will continue to work. If it has an entrance or exit animation, the morph transition will apply to that model because it cannot have 2 entrance or exit effects (eg. morph entrance and fade in animation entrance).

Troy @ TLC