For a recent project, the presenter described the first mover advantage of Kodak when they developed the first digital camera (and then the fate of not acting on that advantage). Rather than a bullet list of facts, dates and details, we provided a 3 slide sequence to visually support the presenter.

After developing the slide concept, the first task was researching and finding a high enough resolution image of the first Kodak digital camera (and the “camera” is pretty cool):

Using the image as is, we could have developed a slide like this: Insert .jpg, add outline and drop shadow, insert company logo (as a scalable .emf vector graphic of course).

Instead, we spent 40 minutes in Photoshop dropping out the background and saving out the optimized .png image with transparency. The inserted image has a PowerPoint drop shadow a some gradient accent lines emerging from the camera lens.

The result is a great image that works with any template background and visually pops.

– Troy @ TLC