Using auto advance for transition is easy, but calculating when a video will end in order to add in the correct auto advance timing is tedious.


However, it turns out that we do not need to actually figure out how long a video is because PowerPoint cannot use the auto transition feature to override a video that is playing and advance, even if we want to (the solution is to trim the video to the shorter duration or manually advance the slide).

TLC’s best practice is the 2 second auto advance

Slide has video, presenter wants presentation to automatically go to next slide when video is done – easy.

On video slide, set to auto advance after 2 seconds. This assumes the video is the only animation and it is going to start playing automatically.


PowerPoint will go to the video slide, then the video will start playing and trigger to auto advance to next slide after 2 seconds, but it cannot do so until the video is done playing, so it waits for the video to finish. When the video play animation is done, the slide automatically advances to the next slide! We use this feature to help us easily setup what could be a complex request.

See the video example below:


– Amber @ TLC