Happy New Year! Let’s start 2018 with a hack to easily see your internet connection speed.

This is a Bing search engine trick, that does not work in Google or any other search engine (as of today). One of the first things I do when at a hotel or working backstage is to run a speed test to know what my internet connection is (which then lets me estimate how long client downloads will take, how many people I am good to share internet access with, etc.). Speedtest.net, powered by Ookla is the most accurate and reliable speed test I have found. I have their app on my mobile devices and their site bookmarked in my browser. 

But things are even easier, if using the Bing search engine (does not matter what browser app; Edge, Chrome, Firefox – desktop or mobile versions). Open a Bing search page:

In the search field type “Speedtest ookla” and an inline app is the top search result! Just click start and get current internet connection speed results directly in the search results page.

Troy @ TLC