In designing a slide if you find yourself in need of a formless random blob during your creative endeavors, has you covered. Shout out to Nolan Haims for cluing us in on this cool tool during a tech tips discussion at The Presentation Podcast!

You can generate blobs of different complexities and randomness, as outlines, color filled, gradients, patterns, even images, and save them as SVG files, or copy the SVG or Flutter code after you’ve created a blob. Modify the variables on the right and click the “Change Blog” button on the left for endless options.

To get this blob into PowerPoint, simply add it as an image, selecting the .svg file you downloaded. Like any .SVG the shape fill, outline, transparency, and styling effects like drop shadow or 3D Rotation can be applied. Further, the blob is a vector shape. Select, ungroup and then right-click and choose Edit Points to modify the shape in any way.

Whether you need some amorphous shapes for buttons, or photos, or something to frame some text, this tool will quickly get you the random shapes you need, and thanks to saving as an SVG file, PowerPoint will let you further modify or format these shapes to meet any of your design needs!

Create your own blobs here.

Josh @ TLC