Canva is best known as an online graphic design tool for creating social media-print-presentation graphics through its thousands of preset layouts. All of those creative layouts use lots of  images, and Canva is also a resource where you can download high-quality stock photos – for free.

  1. To download image, you must sign up and create a profile.
  2. Go FEATURES > PHOTOS (which will include both free and paid photos in searches), or go to this webpage which is a search for only the free images Canva offers.
    Canva 1
  3. Use the search bar to look for specific images by category. 
    Canva 2
    Or, simply scroll to the bottom and click the next page/arrow.
    Canva 3
  4. Click on the desired image> Download this Photo> The download will start automatically (or if not logged in, it will redirect to the log in page).
    Canva 4
  5. Images are part of a curated collection, so while the images I found are very high quality, they are limited.

    Here is a sample of some of the images downloaded, added to a PowerPoint slide and stylized:
    Canva 6

Troy @ TLC