With this challenge, not only did our design team have to put together some amazing design, but they had to do it all working in Microsoft Teams! So part of this design challenge was our design team all being forced into the world of Microsoft Teams for file management (we have been using Teams for calls, meetings and presenting, but now transitioning to incorporating it file management, editing and communication). 

For our design challenge #4 a master slide deck was uploaded to the Teams project “channel”. Slide 1 was the base boring bullet list of black text on a white background. Each designer had an assigned slide, with zero design applied.

Each designer was challenged to develop their own slide with the same base content, but any layout and visuals they envisioned. Again, based on a Microsoft Teams workflow, the catch was all design had to be done from the shared presentation. No downloading, and not keeping the file connected to the Teams version!

Work from the master slide deck on Microsoft Teams. Slide 1 is the content, and everyone has a slide for design assigned. Develop your version of an original (boring) slide with images, graphics, and visual layout. Use any color scheme and font options, but no animation needed. You cannot download the PowerPoint file to your computer, you can work directly in Teams version of PowerPoint, PowerPoint online or PowerPoint on your computer – but it must always be worked on as a shared file.

Check back later this week to see what each design did to turn the boring slide content to a WOW slide!