Earlier this week we released a podcast entitled “How To Be A Good Design Client“. If you have not been a part of the conversation, I recommend it (of course I am one of the hosts, so I am obligated to recommend it!). The conversation was easy for us as a group of independent designers. I believe similar conversations happen with on-staff design teams in the corporate, education and internal team arenas.

But this specific episode is not a conversation just for us, the designers. In listening to the podcast I would hope it is forwarded to Creative Directors, Executives and bosses so they can hear the conversation they are not often invited to be a part of, but where their need to know and understand how the presentation design process can be expedited or hindered with their teams actions (or lack of action). Because we get to do as much educating others on the process and reasons for design decisions as we do the actual design.

Troy @ TLC