Transcoding is the process of changing a video from one format to another. For example, converting a .wmv to .mp4, or .avi to .wmv. Transcoding is done with video editing software, which is typically installed on a computer. But there are a number of online apps starting to show up. is a free tool for easily converting videos online. It has a number of encoding options and makes things easy for presentation designers.

Go to and click SELECT FILE to get started.

Select the video you to convert and click Open.

With the video selected, click the drop-down menu next to Output Format and select the format you want to convert your video to. For this instance, we will select AVI as our output format.

Next, select the Conversion Quality from the next drop-down menu.

You can click on Show Advanced Options to enter specific formatting options, such as resolution, FPS, video or audio bitrate and more. Once all desired formatting options have been selected, click the green Start Free Encoding Now button.

Enter your email address on the next screen (or you can choose to login using Facebook) and click Encode Now to have Free Encoding email you a notification when your video has been converted. An uploading status bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

For your first time uploading, the below screen will appear, instructing you to activate your account to access your completed encodings.

Visit your email, and click on the activation link to access your converted video. Once activation is complete, you will see your video under Your Encodings. There are many actions and options available at this point.

To simply see the File Information you can hover over the link under Original File Name or hover over the pen icon under Actions to see Encoding Information.

Under Actions, you can also delete the video with the trash icon or report an issue you experienced with the encoding using the exclamation point icon. Also, if you have a Dropbox account, you can choose Save to Dropbox under Options. Otherwise, you are ready to download your encoded video.

To do so, click on the arrow icon under Actions and save your file to the location of your choice.
Note: You can only download two videos before the oldest will be deleted. The remaining videos you can download appear when hovering over the arrow icon.

– Troy @ TLC