With continuous travel, I use my iPhone Hotspot option to get my laptop online quite often – it is often faster than the hotel or airport WiFi and keeps me from paying ridiculous $20/day internet fees. Recently, something went awry and the connection would not connect – very frustrating. I tested with 3 different Windows 10 computers, all 3 did not connect. Then, I tested with an iPad, which connected fine. So I identified that the phone Hotspot works and it was not one specific computer, so it had to be with the iPhone setup.

iphone hotspot 3

After doing some online research and more testing, I solved the issue. Windows 10 does not allow any special characters in the phone name. In my case, the phone name was “Troy’s iPhone.” As soon as I removed the apostrophe (special character), every computer was able connect to the iPhone Hotspot. My phone is now simply named “Troy.”

iphone hotspot 4

To change an iPhone name, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT > NAME (this does not affect iTunes account in recognizing iPhone).

iphone hotspot 5

– Troy @ TLC