Adobe InDesign is our preferred layout application for print design projects. But it is not a widely used application in Office environments. Microsoft Word can be difficult to work with in documents that need to be flexible with content layouts. Design project requests for a “PowerPoint Document,” a PowerPoint file designed specifically for PDF or laser print output (not slide shows), continue to grow. And applying our formal print design background helps these documents stand out from “standard” Word and PowerPoint styling and be a visually “professional” print design piece.

PowerPoint Document

This single sided print piece (client content removed) is an example of a PowerPoint Document design project.

  • Letter size page (8.5×11″)
  • Portrait orientation
  • Clean, easy to read and professional print layout (content flow, smaller font sizes, alignment, etc.)
  • Off-slide indicators of editable text areas end user can modify
  • Customize PowerPoint template attributes to help maintain corporate branding guides (customized color scheme, default fonts, default shape attributes, etc.)

-Troy @ TLC