Presentation Live is a great addition to PowerPoint presenting (see these posts from last month for more details: …). One feature of the transcription that I did not point out clearly was the user experience when they change the selected language.

It’s easy for audience members to switch the transcription to their language of choice. After joining the meeting, the selected language is in the lower left.

Click it and choose from the list of 60+ languages.


Now the great part! The newly selected language is used almost immediately as the presenter continues their presentation. In addition, all of the previous translation is updated to the new language selection as well (pretty nice feature Microsoft!).


Of course, if the audience member speaks the same language as the presenter and doesn’t want to see the transcriptions at all, they can toggle it off in the same Languages menu.

This will likely never fully replace live translators, but for remote meetings and audience members joining in from their homes, it’s a fantastic alternative.

Troy @ TLC