This is the lecture mentioned in the previous post. This is a great use of PowerPoint and is a great teaching tool!

For this project I was supplied with two items:
1. Raw video recording of the instructor/presenter (recorded by professional video crew with monitored audio recording).
2. PowerPoint slide deck instructor used.

The project process was:
1. Edit video to remove long pauses, audience comments (no handheld microphone for audience, so to quiet to hear on recording), pan & zoom (crop) to bring presenter to full screen (especially important as video of instructor is small).
2. Optimize PowerPoint deck for use in video.
3. Sync lecture and slides (this is time consuming when there is no cue sheet or wide angle recording to see both the presenter and the projected slides – but I did learn a lot about molecular genetics as I listened to the full lecture 3-4X’s!).
4. Setup the interactive table of contents.
5. Render video(s), which were .flv format. Instructor at 29.97 FPS and slides at 5 FPS.
6. Prep for CDROM playback.
7. Prep for local computer (hard drive) playback.
8. Develop custom installer to automate process of copying files to computer, creating shortcuts, etc.
9. Develop the launch/install app. outlined in previous post.
10. Test, test, test.

– Troy @ TLC