This is just 2 quick slides from a recent project, that were actually supplied to client before the real production began. The request was what could be done with all of the supplied images to give them a professional and consistent appearance.

I took this supplied image and first removed the background. I worked in Photoshop to do this. PPTs eyedropper would be an option, but it would remove any of the white inside the towers, which would really affect the right one. In Photoshop with the background removed it was saved out as a .png with transparency. The reflection was applied in PPT 2007.

I also grouped in another image (far right) to show how multiple images could easily be added to the layout, which was not an option with the opaque background on the originals.

Client liked the overall effect, approved it and then I got to work on slides and the other 30-40 images…

– Troy @ TLC