Mike Parkinson, a Microsoft MVP for PowerPoint, has a new book available; A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint! 

The subtitle “Best Practices For Master Presenters” is almost misleading in that it seems to limit the scope of this great resource. This is 180 pages of professional tip, after professional tip – and it is as much about presentation design as it is about presenting. The book is officially divided into 3 sections; Discovery (identify the presentation goal), Design (create the presentation), and Delivery (present). BUT, the Design section could easily be 2 or 3 sections. It has fantastic tips on developing the presentation content storyline (very different from designing the actual slides) and then a huge number of design tips (developing the actual slides in PowerPoint).

Not bragging, but on a recent visit to Washington, DC, Lori and I spent an afternoon with Mike and Jen Parkinson, and received an autographed copy of “A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint”!

Check it out here at Amazon.

Troy @ TLC