A PDF of slides, or any document if in the correct aspect ratio, can be used for presentation slides. I am using Adobe Acrobat, but most PDF viewing apps have the same capability.

Here is my sample 16×9 presentation of 4 slides exported as a PDF, now open in Acrobat.


I have selected the first page vs. the Organize/Grid view.


Go to VIEW > FULL SCREEN MODE, or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+L


The Acrobat tool bars disappear and the slide displays full screen. Using the arrow keys or Page Up/Down keys, you can go through the pages just like a presentation.



  • No animation
  • No slide transitions
  • No video or audio (There are ways to add these, but not covered in this tutorial, and not part of PowerPoint’s PDF export)
  • Cannot be added to a master slide deck of all presenter slides (This is a separate file that just look like slides)
  • No presenter view (Duplicate display is recommended vs. extended desktop)

-Troy @ TLC