LED walls are becoming the new standard for displaying video and presentations. The viewing quality of a build-to-any-size LED wall is already great, and they continue to get better! These screens have a resolution that is the same concept as projectors having resolution, their resolution is visible, it is the physical space between each light pixel. The closer/tighter the light spacing, the higher the resolution.

LED wall-2

But projectors and LED walls measure light and brightness differently.  Projection = lux, reflected light.  LED = NIT, direct light. What does this mean?  It means that LED walls, like flat panel displays, are brighter, which is great for slides!

Plus, LED walls are like Lego blocks, they can be built into any shape and aspect ratio. This leads to some fun and creative PowerPoint templates! For example, these are LED walls that used a single, custom, PowerPoint template for their content.

LED wall-1

An LED wall can be a great option for presentations.

-Troy @ TLC