When designing a presentation, the design can be influenced by many technical specifications. One consideration is where the projected light is coming from (ie. Rear or Front Projection).

“Front Projection” is literally what the name says – the projector is positioned in front of the screen.


Here are some of the design considerations for meetings that are setup with Front Projection:

  • If the screen is directly behind the stage and presenter, the presenter may stand in the projection and be “painted.” This will cast the presenter’s shadow on the screen.
  • Front Projection, assuming the other specs are the same (projector lumens, screen size, room lighting, etc.), is brighter to an audience because the slides are being projected onto a brighter white screen material and the image is bouncing off from the screen.
  • CAUTION: Be extra attentive to content not being too close to the edge of the slide. Front Projection is often “over shot.” By making the projection area slightly larger than the white screen space, it assures the full screen is filled with an image. If the slides have a logo at the very edge, footnotes along the very bottom, etc., they will be cut off to the audience because they are being projected in the over shot area that is not seen.

-Troy @ TLC