The cadence for updates at Microsoft is definitely much faster – today Office 2016 (for Windows, not to be confused with Office 2016 for Mac which was released earlier this year) is available.


How Often Is Microsoft Releasing Updates:

  • From the information I have seen, Microsoft is releasing (for Office 365 subscription use) updates now 3 releases per year: February, June, October
  • In addition, there are monthly minor updates, which are mostly security updates and feature fixes/updates
  • The Sept 22 release, which is a new version release, is actually the October cycle release (I guess we can look at it as being released early!)

What is New in PowerPoint 2016:

  • To be honest – not much, at least from a design and feature perspective. So far to me, this release is about adding new back-end features and functionality. Check out this list from the Microsoft site that highlights the big Office initiatives, here.
  • For PowerPoint design specifically, I like the improved Dark theme, the new chart styles are welcome and the ability to export a presentation at full 1080p is great! End of list for me…

– Troy @ TLC