Auto Fix is a new native PowerPoint feature that is designed to help align content on slides more quickly.

Auto Fix can help automatically align, uniformly resize, and distribute elements and straighten the connectors between them. It is pretty magical (okay, really good coding). But it is only currently available if using PowerPoint for the web

Select the objects (images, shapes, text boxes) > go to the HOME tab > SHAPE > ARRANGE > AUTOFIX

Or, find Auto Fix button with a right click. Select the shapes > right click one of the shapes > AUTO FIX is half way down the options available.

As example, here are 3 randomly placed shapes on a slide.

After selecting all three shapes and running Auto Fix, this is what PowerPoint provided – vertically aligned, equal spacing between objects and centered on the slide:

One note, Auto Fix currently does not work with SmartArt, group shapes and elements that overlap.

Another recommendation is to use Auto Fix on smaller groups of elements to get their positioning and alignment updated, then adjust any additional elements either with another Auto Fix run, or manually position for the final layout.

One more Before & After example of something a bit more complex.  The bottom aligned layout was created by Auto Fix in a single click:

Christie @ TLC