Here is an amazing video showing a 1000 years of border history in Europe.

[original video no longer available from source]

Yes, you could fairly easily develop this video in PowerPoint. It would be what we internally call a “Flip Book” animation. One static slide per border change. Then set all slides to auto transition (with the CUT transition) and .01 to .05 seconds for the AFTER setting. When played, it will give the same effect as the above video – although sourcing the data and customizing the country shapes to each border would be a very large project! The video creation would be a simple as FILE>>EXPORT>>CREATE A VIDEO.

Here is a quick video I developed in PowerPoint using the Flip Book animation styling with a vector map of the United States (which was missing in the above video) and exported as a video.
[youtube src=”″]
57 slides, no animation, auto transitions, exported as video.

– Troy @ TLC