Join me (Troy Chollar) today at the Presentation Ideas Conference – it is FREE and a virtual online conference HERE

I am presenting today (November 28, 2018) at 11:00 AM (PST). My talk is all about “ultrawide” PowerPoint presentations, covering not only insights into the design process, but the technical how-to’s of developing super wide, super size presentations! 


When: November 28-29, 2018

Cost: Completely free!


  1. Chantal Bossé  – Your Key to Audience Engagement: PowerPoint’s Zoom Feature
  2. Troy Chollar – Really, Really BIG PowerPoint (Screen Size, Not File Size)!  
  3. Ellen Finkelstein – 9 Techniques to Make Your Presentations Modern — So You Don’t Look So Old!
  4. Garland Coulson – 10 Creative Ways to Use Data In Presentations
  5. Geteesh Bajaj  – 7 Secrets of Using Images in PowerPoint
  6. Kurt Dupont – The Simplest Way to Make Real-Time Data Presentations
  7. Sharyn Fitzpatrick – Best Practices on How to Transition to Online Presenting 
  8. Garland Coulson – The Lazy Man’s Method to Fast Easy Content Creation