When designing a presentation, the design can be influenced by many technical specifications. One consideration is where the projected light is coming from (ie. Front or Rear Projection).

“Rear Projection” is literally what the name says – the projector is positioned behind the screen.


Here are some of the design considerations for meetings that are setup with Front Projection:

  • The audience cannot see the projector, and there are no cables to trip over or tables to bump (at least out front where the audience is).
  • In general, Rear Projection is the “professional” setup.
  • Rear Projection, assuming the other specs are the same (projector lumens, screen size, room lighting, etc.), is a bit duller to an audience than Front Projection because the slides are being projected through the screen material.
  • With Rear Projection, the audience can see a “hot spot” because the audience is looking into the projector light. If the projector is at the same eye level, the audience can see a bright circle or the projector light. The solution is to have the projection be above the audience eye level (all the way on the ceiling is great) and to have it adjusted to fit the screen and keep aspect ratio.

-Troy @ TLC