Rounded corners are a subtle design accent that is easy to apply to shapes, photos, even videos. But why is there no way to make the corner radius the same across multiple objects on a slide!

Fortunately, the capability is within PowerPoint, just not exposed on the Ribbon or any of the object formatting dialogs. The ToolsToo add-in suite has added the functionality to easily select multiple rounded corner objects and make the corner radius the same on all (yay 3rd party add-ins!).

Here is my example slide with 3 rounded corner rectangles. Because the rectangles are different sizes, and the corner radius scales with the shape (where is the “locked corner radius” option Microsoft!) the corner radius is different on each of the rectangles.

I have selected all 3 shapes, selecting box #1 first, because this is the reference object and all objects will match its corner radius.

Go to the ToolsToo ribbon > Make Same > Make Same Rounded Corner

Done! All 3 rectangles now have the exact same corner radius (yay!).

TIP: because I use this tool often, and I have added it to my QAT so it is now an instantly available 1-click formatting thing.

Troy @ TLC