There are 5 new animations in PowerPoint! All 5 are for 3D models only, and they provide on-slide animations (vs. using Morph to animate and see different views of a 3D model). I am hopeful that we will see additional new animations as support for 3D models continues to evolve in PowerPoint.

The new animations are found on the Animation tab.

Each animation has a number of Effect Options to adjust the animation action. One option is the click the Effect Options drop-down from the Animation Tab.

The other option is to view the Animation Pane and right-click the 3D model animation and select Effect Options to open the animation dialog.

And here are the 5 new 3D Model animations!


My personal hope is that the use of these animations will extend to be able to apply them to anything; photo, shape, text, icons, etc. But for now I am excited to finally see something new happening on the Animation tab!

Troy @ TLC