Here is a demo of the new 3D Model TURNTABLE animation created by Christie on the TLC Creative design team. The Turntable animation adds a 3D rotation, of a 3D model, that can be once, twice or endless as an on-slide emphasis animation.

For this demo the Microsoft logo 3D model logo was sourced from Remix 3D.

There are only 2 slides in the demo presentation, each for a specific task.

Slide 1 has the TURNTABLE 3D model only animation applied, with a rotation RIGHT and set to continue until end of slide. 


Each 3D Model animation has a number of options. As example, changing the DIRECTION from the original RIGHT to DOWN. To change the effects of the animations, select the 3D model, click the Effects Options drop down, and the menu shows all available variations for direction, type of rotation and where the rotation axis is. 

Now the same slide animation looks like this


Slide 2 is how this could be used in a real-world presentation. With slide 1 the logo has a never-ending rotation continue while the presenter introduces the topic. Then with a click to advance to slide 2, a morph transition to seamlessly moves and shrinks the logo to the right side of the screen while presentation content (the bullet list text) enters. And then for fun we used another new 3D model only animation, Jump & Turn, on the Microsoft logo in its new position.


Troy @ TLC