As a designer, SnagIt is one of my most valued go-to apps. But even the best software sometimes creates problems. In the latest version of SnagIt, a new feature, “OneClick,” (at least this is the first version I have noticed it) just gets in the way. The concept is to have an onscreen button to activate SnagIt vs. a keyboard command.

OneClick puts a small red button at the top of your screen.

Click the red button and a small menu drops down, allowing easy access to many of the SnagIt tools and settings.

The dilemma is that the button is ever present, sitting on top of everything: windows, apps, slide shows! This is not good and something that took a bit of investigating to figure out how to turn off. Half the effort is knowing the name of this unwelcome feature – OneClick.

To turn off, open SnagIt, click the VIEW menu and click SNAGIT ONECLICK. This is an on/off toggle, so it should now be removed from your screen. You may also see a TURN OFF ONECLICK option in the Quick Launch dialog in the left action pane.

– Troy @ TLC