What we’re doing here is creating a top and and a bottom banner by inserting a stretched video with animation. There is a video demonstration below.

The video used for this blog was sourced from Videoblocks.com. The aspect ratio of HD MOV 1920 x 1080.

Link to sourced video Abstract Purple and Magenta Sparks

Stretched Video in Powerpoint


To insert a video > insert tab > video > for this blog I am using the “VIDEO ON MY PC” option. This will insert the video at original aspect ratio 1920 x 1080.




Scale the video to fill the width and height of page.



Scale the video from the bottom/center tab of the video to shorten the height. This creates a scaled video banner.




Duplicate and send the other video to the bottom of the page. Select both videos > Animation Tab > Click Play > Click the Animation Pane > Start with Previous. This allows both videos to be played at the same time on the initial startup.




With both videos selected Click on > Video Tools Tab, then Playback Tab > Start Automatically > Loop until Stopped.

This allows both videos to play automatically and loop in Slide Show Mode until stopped.




Pros and Cons

Pro for stretching a video: By using a stretched video, the user can display the video in numerous shape and scale options, creating a unique styling display.

Cons for stretching a video: Stretching a video may work for most abstract displays, however it will not retain the original scale ratio of the object being displayed and will result in ruining the original image.


Christie @ TLC

Video Demonstration