Lori and I (Troy) attended the 2017 Presentation Summit, hosted in Florida last week. Yes, we attended, no presenting this year, which was a fantastic treat as I was able to spend all of my time talking with so many great people (vs. planning, rehearsing, and being committed to presenting). 

Next year will be close to the TLC Creative Services studio in San Diego, CA September 23-26, 2017. I highly recommend the conference for the great session topics, but almost more important is the networking with presentation industry talent, host of presentation industry vendors, AND direct access to the team of PMs and Devs from the Microsoft PowerPoint team that attend each year.

And at the summit this year we recorded a great group conversation for The Presentation Podcast that released earlier this week. Episode 39 – The Presenters Gather at The 2017 Presentation Summit Conference!

-Troy @ TLC