SVG is a fantastic vector image format for PowerPoint. But it is not completely Windows OS friendly, and I think everyone should be prepared for a few frustrations that can be there when using .svg images.

Windows Preview App:

  • There is no image app that can open and view an .svg image, including Windows 10 Photos, Paint, Windows Media Player, etc.
  • So if you double-click to open a .svg you will get the “I don’t know what to do with this image dialog”. Note: I currently have set SVG files to open with a web browser, as that is an app that can preview the file format.

Windows File Explorer:

  • Because there is no application that can preview an .svg, an .svg icon is blank.
  • Note 1: I have setup the Microsoft Edge web browser as the application to open a preview .svg images, which is why this Windows File Explorer image shows a web page icon for the .svg
  • Note 2: .svg is not the only image file format that Windows does not support. .wmf, .ai, .eps, .psd, and many others all cannot display a thumbnail image.

Troy @ TLC