The file explorer in Microsoft Teams does not, by default, show the file size – which I really miss.

To show file size, follow these steps (will need to be done for each separate Team environment)

  1. Click the three dots next to a file and click “Open in Sharepoint”
  2. In SharePoint, click “Return to classic SharePoint” in lower left of screen.
  3. Click “Library” near the top left of screen.
  4. Click “Modify View”.
  5. Find “File Size” in the Column Name list, and check the box and click “OK” in upper right to save changes.
  6. Back in Teams, File Size should now be displayed. You may need to click refresh (Circle Arrow in upper right next to the Meet button) to see changes.
  7. Please note, file size only displays for individual files, not for folders.

Troy @ TLC