Lorum Ipsum, or Greeked Text, is placeholder text that has no meaning. Its purpose is to demonstrate how text will look in a layout, in a specific font, size and color. It is also, very helpful for PowerPoint templates and foundation presentations.

Traditional Lorum Ipsum text is a nonsensical latin (created by a 1st century Latin text by Cicero), and looks like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In lacus nisi, tincidunt non purus vel, hendrerit imperdiet urna. Mauris in mattis eros. Nulla ligula arcu, pretium eget justo nec, cursus rhoncus lectus. Nullam eu est blandit, faucibus elit at, pellentesque lectus. Maecenas a vulputate mauris. Donec quis dictum metus. Phasellus at nisi tempus mauris sollicitudin fermentum. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus.

For the above text I used the Lorem Ipsum text generator at lipsum.com (see this January 2007 post).

But that can be boring and TLC is a creative company. So we were very excited about discovering “Meet the Ipsums!” MeetTheIpsums.com is a text generator for dozens of themed Lorum Ipsum text, such as coffee ipsum, cat ipsum, Zombie Ipsum, Canada Ipsum and more!

Here is a personal favorite – Pirate ipsum:

Belaying pin chase coxswain list transom gally pillage broadside furl capstan. Hail-shot aft fore Davy Jones’ Locker careen killick mutiny weigh anchor bilge rat Nelsons folly. Chandler poop deck Blimey six pounders Buccaneer clap of thunder ye Barbary Coast keel Gold Road. Cable doubloon avast grapple interloper hang the jib boom heave down Sea Legs barkadeer.

Even better – not from a productivity vantage, but definitely better for fun and amusement – is that each Ipsum webpage is themed. Here is the interface for generating the above Pirate Ipsum text:

Themed Lorum Ipsum Text

Next time you have a project that needs themed Lorum Ipsum text, check out MeetTheIpsums.com!

– Troy @ TLC