ToolsToo released v10 of the PowerPoint add-in suite in January 2022. There was a sprinkling of updates through 2022. Fast forward to 2024 and v11 of the ToolsToo  productivity suite has been released!

Here are my top 3 new tools from my initial few weeks running the new version.


Here is this one-click formatting tool in use. The top bar is the template default font and font size – too small for the callout bar. Select the text box and go to ToolsToo > Shape Tools > Autofit Text to Shape and the font is instantly sized to fit the bar.

This is not a dynamic sizing. resize the bar and text does not automatically change size (which is the way I prefer text boxes to behave). On the bottom image I updated the text margins and reapplied the Toolstoo text sizing. Easy – fast – reliable!


This is like Make Same Size, which easily one of the most helpful add-in tools to PowerPoint!, with the crop tool. As example, here are two images I added to a slide.

I cropped the left image.

To make the right image match, I used the ToolsToo Make Same Crop. Select the left/cropped image, then the right image > ToolsToo > Make Same > Make Same Crop

The right image is one-click cropped!

I do not know the algorithm being applied behind the scenes, but I am impressed that the crop is not just center-center of image, but appears to take into account the content! Just fine tune the image in the crop to be sized and positioned as needed.

3. Select Same Size

This is one of those tools you never thought of, or needed – until it was given to you and now I’m addicted to using it!

Question – which of these shapes are not the same size? (no scrolling down to see the answer )

Select all of the shapes, go to ToolsToo > Select Same > Select Same Size

The first shape selected is the reference for sizing, I selected shape #2 from left. And ToolsToo did not select the 2 of the shapes – they do not match the others!

ToolsToo is one of the best values at ~$20 USD for an amazing set of productivity tools. Version 11 is another great addition to the presentation designer tools. Details at the ToolsToo website here.

Troy @ TLC