Last week was a corporate meeting that integrated Turning Point ARS (audience response system) for a series of audience interaction questions throughout the meeting. I have used lots of ARS options, but find Turning Point the most full featured and best PowerPoint integrated package.

All of TLC Creative’s show computers have two versions of PowerPoint installed, currently all have PPT 2003 and PPT 2010. When installing the Turning Point app, I always run into the issue of it being recognized in the PPT version needed for that meeting. So here is a quick tutorial on setting up Turning Point to open and function in a specific version.

1. Open TurningPoint in 2003 – Select Tools on the Turning Point toolbar

2. Go to Settings

3. Under Misc >> Add in always loaded – Change to “TRUE”

Launch the TurningPoint before starting (any version) of PPT, which will open 2010 as default
1. Control Panel > Programs

2. Click Programs & Features

3. Scroll down to Microsoft Office 2010 > Select Change

4. Repair

5. Wait for the repair to finish, it will ask you to restart. Once restarted when launching TurningPoint 2008 PowerPoint 2010 will be the default. TurningPoint will default to launching the last modified version of Office – so when you repair Office 2010, it prompts TurningPoint to choose 2010 as default.

– Troy @ TLC