The number of companies moving from Office 2003 to Office 2010 over the past year has been amazing. They skipped Office 2007 and are now going from menus in 2003 to the ribbon in 2007 or 2010, which is a bit like starting over – and a focus for many TLC Creative Services onsite PowerPoint training programs. The add-in can make the transition easier by bringing the familiar PPT 2003 menus into the new ribbon interface.

The add-in does not remove or alter the ribbon. It remains accessible and full function after the add-in has been installed. The Ubitmenu add-in adds a new tab called “Menu” and in it are all the familiar PPT 2003 menus which let you work in PPT 20007/2010 almost like you did in PPT 2003.

The ribbon interface is here to stay, so the best course is to become familiar with it. But I can see the Ubitmenu add-in as a good option during that transition period. It is free for personal use. Read more and download from this Swiss company here.

– Troy @ TLC