I am grappling with Vista and its new file structure and security ‘features.’ One thing I have discovered, and this affects several add-ins for PowerPoint, PhotoShop and Dreamweaver so far is the permissions settings for the PROGRAM FILES folder. It looks like Vista has made these default to read only, or non-accessible for many add-ins. Of course this is only a problem is the add-in installs itself in the Program Files folder (which almost all do).

I can offer two recommendations:
1. Give all users full permissions on the Program Files folder (Note: this may lead to other security issues as Microsoft has seen fit to change this globally)
2. Change where the add-in is installed. Create your own folder like C:Add-Ins (Note: the application will need to know to look for add-ins here)

Ah the joys of new technology… Maybe I will be able to get back to designing presentations soon.

– Troy @ TLC