Okay, a bit of guilt here. First I lock myself out of the blog and spend over a week figuring out how to hack into it. I have been in Seattle, San Francisco, Big Bear, Los Angeles (3Xs), Boston and Orlando in the past 3 weeks – so time has been spent traveling and working onsite at many corporate events.

But the BIG thing that has taken my time is this new computer (actually I had a number of these delivered, but this is the one I am configuring first). It is running Windows Vista Ultimate and has a ton of power (2.16Ghz Dou Core 2, 2GB ram, 512MB video card, 160GB hard drive, etc – and it is a laptop!). Vista is stunning, but I am spending lots of time working through issues with various software to assure they work and are stable.

So my time has been taken up with airplanes, taxi’s to hotels and the nuances of Vista. Stay tuned, I have a backlog of great tutorials and information series that will start showing up soon!

— Troy @ TLC