“Ultrawide” Presentations here at TLC Creative Services refer to any presentation that is wider than 16×9. And we are excited by the number of these design projects that come our way each year – a reflection of the increased use of edge blending technology to “gang” projectors and also a reflection of our design team’s expertise in understanding the technical needs as well as design needs for these “Ultrawide” screens.

Here is a standard 16×9 setup. Single projector to a single screen projecting at the industry standard 1920×1080 pixel “high def”.

And here is a common Ultrawide setup. 3 High Def projectors ganged together (note: no edge blending consideration in this example) across a single super wide screen for a  5,760×1080 pixel projection.

The important element for presentation design is that the slides are setup as a single 5760×1080 presentation, not 3 separate 16×9 presentations. For design, everything from slide transition choices, to size of text are important considerations for the audience experience.

Up next, a few portfolio examples of recent Ultrawide presentation template design projects.

Troy @ TLC