As a final thought on this three-part series, here is my top 10 list of the “other” programs that are a part of my arsenal of tools for developing PowerPoint presentations that are converted to something other than a presentation:

SnagIt: almost to many uses to list! There are plenty of screen capture applications out there, this one is my preferred because it does so many things, so easily.

OfficeFX, Professional: Moves presentations to the next level of visual dynamics and also has frame accurate video rendering.

PFCMedia: If you use video in your “traditional” presentation, the ‘Plays For Certain’ application is what you need to make it work! (and we are all looking forward to a Professional edition of this application)

Camtasia Studio: Used for everything from online video tutorials found on the TLC Creative website, to converting PowerPoint lectures to webcasts.

Articulate Presenter, Professional: a solid contender for converting presentations to a distributable format.

Flash: Big learning curve, but it creates things from custom elements in a presentation to specialized user interfaces for many of the conversion projects.

DVDIt! 6.0+: My choice for professional DVD authoring.

Vegas Video: My choice for professional video editing, which has become a large part of PowerPoint conversion projects.

DreamWeaver: Webcasts, login portals, download pages, etc. are all a part of distribution projects and Dreamweaver is my web development application of choice.

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 10: probably the lowest cost software in the list and the newest addition to our arsenal of software. Professional narration and clean up of live video audio is a big part of many projects.

Note: if you are looking for some more great tips & tricks, stay tuned I have been putting the finishing touches on a number of new tutorials and video samples that will be posted over the next few weeks!

-Troy @ TLC