This is a continuation to the last post (…starting with PowerPoint and converting it to something else). Because all of the projects begin with PowerPoint, clients are counting on TLC Creative Services to develop a professional and dynamic presentation – that’s where the years of graphic design and PowerPoint expertise come in. But that is not enough. Now to develop the “something else” a design firm needs to have expertise in things like:
– CD mastering, for duplication.
– Autorun User Interface program development, for interactive CDROMs where a custom application gives users the option to view, install or edit presentations.
– DVD menu development, for interactive DVD menu’s and special options such as looping movies and custom playback hierarchies.
– Professional DVD mastering, so they actually work on consumer players.
– Web development, for converting presentations to webcasts.
– Web hosting, for presentations converted to webcasts.

And this is just a sampling of things that go on behind the scenes. As I mentioned last time, “I really enjoy the projects that are continuously flowing in. One reason is the variety; different clients, different visual needs, different requests.”

– Troy @ TLC