This is Buster Wells in December:

This is Buster Wells today:

And this is Chris Wells, Buster’s owner – who I work with at corporate meetings.

I learned the story of Buster’s bad winter experience while working with Chris last week in (warm) Phoenix, AZ (it was a great show). Apparently Buster had a bad grooming appointment. He went in small and fluffy, but came out small and completely shaved. Oh, and Buster lives in Boston where it is very cold!

Turns out an unnamed mischieveous person (not me) decided Buster needed a Facebook account to share his nakedness with the world. I think Buster needs 1,000+ Facebook friends so he can hold his small, furless head high and bask in the glory of being more popular than his owner.Search “Buster Wells” on Facebook and befriend him today!

– Troy @ TLC