As we start off 2009 what better time to introduce one of the best people at Microsoft I interact with. For all that use PowerPoint you want to know and acknowledge at least one person at Microsoft – Ric B.

Ric Bretscheider has been at Microsoft for over 15 years with nearly all of that time spent on the PowerPoint development team (starting with the PowerPoint IV – PPT 2007 is version XII/12). He is the Lead Program Manager for PowerPoint and has been a huge influence in listening to end users and steering the program to address our real world needs (and if you don’t like PowerPoint – you would dislike it even more if it were not for the efforts of Ric B! )

Many contributed to his 15 year anniversary with presentations, notes and videos. This one is one of the few that made it to public domain and does a good job of giving a look at Ric B.

Click here to view.

– Troy @ TLC