Amber on the TLC Creative design team created this fun presentation example that uses 3D Models as art elements on almost every slide, and makes use of the new on-slide 3D Model animations. The presentation is 16×9, PowerPoint 2016 Office 365 with 3D Model support.


Design notes:

  • Slide 2: applied the turntable animation to the 3D model of the globe. Layered animations to maintain a seamless spin of the globe (typical presentation we would divide this content across 2 slides to make it easier to review as a PDF or printout)
  • Slide 3: added the building 3D Model and used the new on-slide 3D model animations for both; exit for the globe and entrance for the building + entrance animations for the text
  • Slide 4: Another 3D model with entrance animation and PowerPoint text
  • Slide 5: lots of 3D model animation, just because we can now!
  • Slide 6: all animation accomplished with a Morph transition

3D models are not always small file sizes. This presentation has not video, but it is 60 MB! The editable PowerPoint file can be downloaded here.

Troy @ TLC