Wouldn’t be amazing if a shape or vector art could have a video fill it, like the previous posts showcased the Picture Fill? Although the capability of inserting a video into a custom shape isn’t possible just yet, there is a work around!

  • Start with inserting the video file in the slide.
  • Select the video > in the animation pane select “play” and start “with previous”. Double click on the layer in the animation pane to open the  video dialog box with more options.
  • Under the “Timing” tab > “Repeat” > select “Until Next Click”. This will allow the video the loop play until the next click to end the slide.
  • Next is to create a rectangle shape that is the same size as the video. In layer order, video (bottom), rectangle (middle), 2024 graphic (top).
  • Selecting the 2024 graphic first then the rectangle. Shape Format tab, “Merge Shapes” then select combine. This will cut the 2024 graphic out of the rectangle, making the video visible underneath.
  • Adjust the color of the rectangle as needed.
  • Now there are 2 layers and the video file underneath is still accessible.
  • And here is the final slide with a “video fill” image. Download the editable slide here.

Troy @ TLC, with Christie on the TLC Creative presentation design team